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Investment Casting Industries

Our investment casting foundry has manufactured over 9,000 different casting configurations and is equipped to handle any design challenge that may arise during the casting process. We work with various industries across the U.S. and beyond and are familiar with ASTM, AMS, MIL and other industry specifications.

Aircraft & Aerospace Investment Casting

We specialize in aerospace investment casting using materials and processes that meet AMS standards and provide NADCAP approved heat treating and nondestructive testing. Our high level of expertise ensures your parts will meet the exact requirements of your critical aerospace components.

Military & Defense Investment Casting

Castings for the military & defense industry require tight tolerances, stable structures and a high level of precision to ensure reliability in critical applications. We cast parts using various types of stainless steel, carbon steel and other high strength materials and offer MIL-spec finishing.

Oil & Gas Investment Casting

The oil & gas industry relies on pumps, valves and drilling components that can withstand the demanding and rugged conditions of mining, drilling and processing. Our casting material options include cobalt base alloys, 15-5PH stainless steel and other alloys that deliver the strength and wear resistance you require.

Medical Equipment & Devices Investment Casting

Medical castings are used for surgical tools and components for medical equipment and devices. We offer 300 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and can deliver the complex designs and smooth surface finishes needed for medical applications.

Power Generation Investment Casting

From coal processing to solar energy, the power generation industry requires investment castings that can stand up to the constant demand of energy industry applications. We provide over 75 air melt alloys to accommodate a range of operating environments and provide heat treating to increase material strength.

Industrial Investment Casting

Casting capabilities for the industrial sector range from conveyor components and actuators for automated manufacturing to cams for machinery. We have the equipment and expertise to cast parts that meet the dimensional tolerance requirements of mechanical and precision applications.

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Investment casting requires a metal die (usually in aluminum), wax, ceramic slurry, furnace, molten metal, and other machines needed for wax injection, sand blasting, vibratory tumbling, cutting, and grinding. The lost wax investment precision casting process mainly involves the following steps:

1- Metal Die Making 
Based on the drawings and requirements of the desired casting parts, the metal die or mold, usually in aluminum, will be designed and produced. The cavity will form the same size and structure of desired castings, under the premise of considering the machining allowance.

2- Wax Injection
Also as known as pattern formation, lost wax casting patterns are created by injecting molten wax into the metal die produced in last process. The special wax injextion machines should be used for this process

3- Slurry Assembly
After fixing (if needed), the wax patterns are then attached to a gating system, which usually is a set of channels through which a molten metal flows to the mold cavity. After that, a structure like a tree is formed, which is suitable for mass casting at the foundry.

4- Shell Building
The investment castings outer shell casing is built up through dipping into a ceramic bath and then immediately coated with sand for several times. The process is usually repeated for many times and last for days in order to make sure the shell strong enough to withstand the molten metal later on.

5- De-waxing
The inner cavity of precision investment casting is then dewaxed, which leaves a hollow outer ceramic shell layer. The hollows are just the same space as the desired castings. During this process, the wax could be collected for re-usage.

6- Pouring & Solidification
Before pouring, the ceramic shell with cavity should be pre-heated. This prevents shock and the ceramic shell from cracking once the liquid metal at a high temperature is poured into the cavity. The chemical composition of the molten metals should also be tested before casting.

7- Sawing or Cutting
Once the molten metal has been cooled and solidified, the cast part(s) is then removed from the gating system tree cluster via shaking, cutting or friction sawing off the individual raw casting.

8- Shot Blasting and Secondary Processing
The casting part is then fully customized through grinding or additional heat treatments. Secondary machining or surface treatment might also be required depending on the requirements of the part.

9- Packing and Delivery
Then the lost wax casting parts will be fully tested for the dimensions, surface, mechanical properties and other required tests before packing and delivery.

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