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Investment Casting for Food and Dairy Industry

In one way or another, the food and dairy industry is responsible for almost everything we eat and drink. From harvesting wheat to processing canned goods to bottling soda, daily production processes in the food and dairy industry can vary greatly. But no matter what the application at hand, there is sure to be a wide range of complex equipment involved.

HuaDa Foundry uses precision casting to produce net shape and near-net shape parts and components for food and dairy equipment. We work with numerous materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty alloys, to create high precision, high durability parts. Parts we manufacture for food and dairy applications include:

Components for meat slicers and similar equipment
Poultry processing components
Ice machine components
Components for commercial grills and warming devices
and more

We can provide prototype parts, low volume production, or quantities in the hundreds of thousands, as your project requires. Our precision casting capabilities produce high quality parts that match our customers’ exact design specifications. We provide a number of secondary services to add value to our cast parts, including machining services and complete inspection for all parts, and pickling and passivation to complement the stainless steel casting process.

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