Over 20 years experience in the plastic molding, metal casting & CNC Machining OEM Manufacturer, from a single part to volume processing with the highest standards.


HuaDa Foundry is committed to supplying products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and specifications, on time delivery, total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

The quality control systems in place at HuaDa. allow us to consistently deliver quality castings that meet or exceed our customers’ specifications. 

Our in house non-destructive chemical and mechanical testing services aid in eliminating unnecessary outside processing. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality castings to each customer, efficiently and on time. 



Our lab is equipped with a full range of non-destructive chemical and mechanical testing equipment, eliminating unnecessary outside processing. We have the following equipment available to assess the quality and specifications of your casting:

  • CMM- Hexagon Global 7 Series 7107
  • LECO GDS900 Glow Discharge Spectrometer
  • LECO CS744 Carbon Analyzer
  • Optical Comparator
  • LECO-BG-32 Sample Grinder
  • Tensilkut TL505 Lathe – Test bar Prep
  • Thermotron SE-1000-3-3 Environmental Test Chamber – High Humidity Testing
  • Wilson Digital Rockwell 574 Hardness Tester 
  • Wilson Analog Rockwell 3TTBB Hardness Tester
  • Instron 300LX-C3-J1A-SPL Tensile Tester

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