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Investment Casting for Fluid Power

Fluid power is a form of power transmission that uses a fluid (liquid or gas) to transmit power from one location to another. Fluid power technology includes both hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, which convert power into a more usable form. Countless industries rely on fluid power, including agriculture, construction, mining, heavy industry, and much more.

HuaDa Foundry provides precision castings for a multitude of fluid power applications. Through the investment casting process, we can create a wide range of parts, including:

Ball valve components
Steam trap components
Needle valve components
Compressor components
Pump components
and more

We work with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty exotic metals, all sourced directly from steel smelters, aluminum foundries, and other reliable sources. With these high quality materials and robotic and automated equipment, we are able to deliver net shape or near-net shape parts that perfectly match our customers’ designs. Our parts provide superior performance and durability in high pressure fluid power applications.

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