Over 20 years experience in the plastic molding, metal casting & CNC Machining OEM Manufacturer, from a single part to volume processing with the highest standards.

Casting for Security, Door, and Lock Hardware Industry

HuaDa Foundry provides security and lock component solutions for major OEMs serving the commercial, industrial, municipal, and consumer markets. Door hardware and locking mechanisms has been a core competency of Aero Metals since the early 1970’s and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Our customers know they are getting the highest quality and value from the our investmeng casting process, we produce. Our engineering expertise pushes the castings process to its limits and we are said to be the leading manufacture of the industry. We provide custom engineered and excellent quality in a wide variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys to exceed the highest standards of the security hardware and lock component industry. We supply completely machined and finished production parts dock-to-stock in high volumes ready for your assembly line.

From design stage to prototypes, to machining and finishing, Aero Metals Inc. can offer you the complete, one-stop-shop for your security and door hardware investment casting needs.

Here are a few items we manufacture:

Fe Ductile Iron Alloy Castings, Door Hardware Housing, Security/Door/Lock Hardware Industry
Fe Ductile Iron Alloy Castings, Door Hardware Housing, Security/Door/Lock Hardware
  • Strikes and Strike Latches
  • Cams and Locking Hooks
  • Lower and Upper Slides
  • Spindles and Cranks
  • Latch Bolts and Slides
  • Faceplates and Escutcheons
  • Handles and Levers
  • Deadbolts
  • Control Links
  • Keys
  • Boxes and Trims
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