Over 20 years experience in the plastic molding, metal casting & CNC Machining OEM Manufacturer, from a single part to volume processing with the highest standards.

Secondary process for casting parts

We Provide High Precision CNC Machining and Secondary Operations for stainless steel casting, duplex stainless steel casting, super duplex stainless steel casting, titanium casting, carbon steel casting and low-alloy steel casting

Our investment casting facilities are equipped with wax pressure system, medium-frequency induction furnaces, shot blasting machines, resistance heat treatment systems, runner roasting furnaces, abrasive blast equipments etc. CNC machine workshops are equipped with CNC machine center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machines etc. Our inspection equipment list includes optical projector, CMM, X-ray analyzing machine, metallographic microscope, brinell hardness tester, height gauge, spectrometer, X ray NDT tester etc.

Secondary Operations and Treatment of Investment Castings We Offer

  • Polished zinc plating, nickel plating, electroplating, chrome plating
  • Anodizing, phosphating, acid treatment, polishing
  • High precision CNC machining
  • Broaching, milling, drilling, tapping
  • Surface grinding, sand blasting, powder coating
  • Heat treatment


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